About this blog

This is not my main blog, but given I’m stuck at home for a couple of weeks as a result of following the UK Government’s latest Covid-19 guidance, and even after that I’m working from home indefinitely, I thought it would be useful to try and reflect daily on how things are. I’m not writing it for you, I’m writing it in the hope that it keeps me sane.

My other blogs are:

  • https://www.themself.org/  Themself is my main blog and has the most posts (getting on for 700 as at March 2020). It mostly has articles about reading and writing.
  • https://www.cold-steel.org/ Hot Blood & Cold Steel has probably the second most articles, and it focusses on my linked hobbies of military history, game design and playing games.
  • https://www.redleader.co/ Red Leader is a work related but personal blog about leadership, strategy and other reflections from my work life. It is rapidly approaching HBCS above and will likely overtake it during 2020 as the second most prolific blog (but still some years behind Themself).