The Mysterious Forest [Story]

The Mysterious Forest

Sam had stumbled across the mysterious circles in a clearing in the forest, and watched as the deer approached them. With a slight twitch of its ears, the deer stepped indifferently through the first circle, and vanished. Completely vanished.

Sam let out a gasp and walked towards the circles to investigate.

Sam was walking her dog in the woods. She saw the deer in the forest go through the portal. Sam and her dog went through the portal. The first things she noticed that changed shape and colour. When she looked down she saw an ID badge that said ‘Emma’. Her jacket had changed into blue ruffles, and instead of trousers she was wearing a skirt. She noticed that her hair had darkened from blonde to black. Even the dog’s lead had changed, it was no longer stretchy, just a plain leather strap.

The winged pegasus sipping from the well (built in Lego by Lucy Kemp, photo: James Kemp)

The summer heat had got cooler, and the leaves were mostly buds. She heard rustling grass from the wind. The deer that Sam had followed was nowhere to be seen. But there was a grey spotted winged horse, a pegasus! It was resting next to a well outside a cabin in the woods. It sipped from a bucket of water that had been left out. Nearby there was a bouquet of flowers. Sam picked them up and smelt them, a nice perfume scent. She offered them to the pegasus, and put them on the ground near it. The pegasus neighed, and nodded.


Lego cabin in the mysterious forest as built by Lucy Kemp (Photo: James Kemp)

Sam slowly moved to the cabin. She opened the white wooden door. It slid open like magic when her hand touched it. She thought it must have been the pegasus’s magic that opened it for her. She saw a little low table with drawers, and a cushion on top. She put her puppy down on the cushion and she span around three times and then lay down to sleep.

Bedtime in the cabin in the mysterious forest. (Lucy Kemp)

There was a very comfy looking bed, which she tried out. There was a lantern next to the bed, and when it was turned up it wasn’t dark. It was so comfy that she felt like she wanted to sleep. But she didn’t. She wanted to check out the whole cabin. Next to the bed was a cupboard with a computer on top. On the side was a golf club, and inside the cupboard was a dog treat and a golf ball. She went to see how the puppy was doing, and found a telephone and a saxophone. Then she saw the back door, which she opened. Outside the back door was a little train. She didn’t pick it up, just in case it was a trap.

Above the cooking stove was a lovely painting of someone kicking a ball. On the stove was a pan with some strawberry jam. She saw a yellow crystal growing in a box next to the stove through the transparent lid.

There was a desk with a fake tree growing real leaves, they looked like someone had stuck them on. An apple hung down. There was a fish tank with a single blue, white and purple fish in it next to the desk. Fish food and a flower pot were on the desk, along with a roller skate, some money and a mug. A stool was to the side of the table.

Now that she’d seen it all Sam decided to rest with her puppy. When she went to lie down the puppy started barking excitedly and jumped up and down. So she took her for a walk outside.

When they were outside she saw the same little train again. This was weird, she thought they might be gone. It was strange, very strange indeed. When she got back to the place where the pegasus had been the pegasus was gone. Instead the well didn’t have a roof any more, and there was a sword with a barrel full of steak, and another bouquet of flowers. She decided to take the barrel of steak and the flowers inside. She left the sword where it was, alongside a top hat and a bird box.

They went back through the door into the house. Sam decided to do some golfing practice, but when she opened the cupboard the golf ball had gone. That was also very weird indeed. So Sam decided not to play golf because the ball would just disappear again. Since they were getting hungry they decided to cook some steak, chips and strawberry pie for supper before going to sleep in their new beds int he new home they’d found.


When Sam woke up the next day her puppy was gone. She checked in the back yard, and thankfully the puppy was there, running around. There was also a pegasus in the back yard, not the one they’d seen yesterday, but a baby pegasus. She wanted to climb onto the baby pegasus and ride on its back to find the pegasus’s mum. However the baby pegasus said that she was going to a wedding, a human wedding, and she would take them there.

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