Day 41 – Making Monday

We’re getting into routine now. Excluding Easter Monday this is our fifth Monday in lockdown. I’m working from home while persuading the children to do school work. Tracy was at the hospital saving people.

I didn’t take many photos today, I just sort of forgot. Alexander got on with his school work, which included some questions on Banquo for his English homework. Lucy made stuff though. Her writing homework was to invent a card game and write instructions. She decided to go a bit further and designed a board game and made her own cards to go with it.

After she’d done that I had an extended lunch break and we made bread together. Lucy did the mixing and the kneading and we chatted about what ingredients it needed and how it rose. We were going to take the breadmaker apart, because it stopped working. However we didn’t have a u shaped screwdriver (there was a gap in my set of screwdriver bits).

After dinner (Alexander made chilli), we went for a walk. This was a wee bit different from our usual walks in that we recorded our random conversation and then edited it into some short podcasts.

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